We were coming into land on a jetliner. Next thing, BOOM, FLASH! Side engine caught flames!  Seconds later, BANG! Next engine was also gone. Nosedive!, prayers, pissing pants! Could see we were about 500 feet from runway, but it seemed to take forever before impact.

Next, loudest bang I have ever heard in my life! Flames rushing over people, reach me, then CRASH, we hit runway. After that, I remember very little as I blacked out. I woke up on the wing. Sirens, screams, moans, burning flesh. I turned and saw people in bits, burning bodies, blood, pink lumps of flesh.  It was like a scene from a movie, or a day trip to hell. Or Glasgow on a saturday night!

I had an arm ripped off, I was partially cooked, clothes burnt black, hanging off, and felt like I had swallowed a bucket of burnt dust. Smell of gasoline, cooked meat, plastic, it really was HELL!! I felt no pain as most of my nerves were gone. I got up with one thing on my mind, and one thing only. To save my fellow human beings? No! What a cunt! I know.

I slid down the wing into a pile of dead burning bodies. Frantically making my way through dead people, steel, seats, luggage. I pulled over another body, another bag, another seat!. I could not find it. Emergency services reached and tried to drag me away before the planes main tank blew. I pushed them aside. “Fuck off!” “Leave me!”

I had to find the black box. I eventually found it. It was sealed. There was no major damage. Why don’t they make the planes out of this shit! Anyway, the emergency services thought it was the planes black box, but I then told them it was mine. They helped me to the ambulance with it, just before the plane exploded into an inferno.

Once inside, I opened the box. My movie footage hard drives from my latest flick were safe. They made it! They survived! I cried with emotion! I thanked the almighty. I could have said an Oscar speech! My faith in Maxtor was renewed! Whats my point?

NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, will stop me from becoming a movie maker with the rest of the life I have. And if you want to make movies, or doing anything in life,  it should be all or nothing!. It has taken me all these years to realise it has to be pursued with a tunnel vision, and burning desire. Regardless of the obsticles along the way.

This was a dream I had 24 hours ago!




David Baker (c) 2009

PS. Incase I get any stupid samaritans scolding me, fuck off!  No, I don’t condone leaving burning people in planes over a movie! It is only a movie! But it was my dream, nightmare, so in that context, I am allowed to leave or even blow every fucker away! In life, I am a nice pleasant chappie! But thats not very exciting or dramatic is it now!


2 responses to “I SURVIVED A PLANE CRASH!

  1. Holy shit! I totally thought this was real until you said you had your arm ripped off! I’m such an idiot! ha!

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