Swaying from my movie making blog for a general post, but some Twitter posts have driven me to it, so need to get out of system! A mild rant!!



The worst thing about Twitter. “Inspirational quotes!” Lifestyle Guru’s!  Why do people feel the need to copy and paste shit from their own or other lives, and then they try to sell us pitches of wisdom in 12 easy steps. Why? Well, because they can release these easy steps via credit card payments.



We are in a very amazing time. We are in a time where we can give moral support, and can inspire each other naturally by just connecting.  As a filmmaker, I find other lives far more interesting than my own. In EVERY walk of life. We can all be role models to each other. We don’t need guru’s, lifestyle experts to provide the “solution”.

Example, if you are a biz person, or even a drug addict, but you want to battle to be a better person, then just document your life on a blog, twitter, video channel. Keep it snack size. If you are positive about changing, people will follow. Over days, weeks, months, even years. It will also motivate you knowing that others are watching how you do.



I watched a TV series about a guy who was producing his own real chocolate, going up against the corporates. I was inspired after watching the series. I am a very positive, driven person, but his commitment, focus, rubbed off on me. On top of this, I also wanted to try his chocolate. But he never rammed his life or his chocolate down my throat!

If he had came on TV in an advert, doing the car salesman pitch, saying his chocolate would change my life in a 30 second pitch, I would have turned him off. Instead, FOLLOWING his life over a series let me see the dude. So I then came to the conclusion he was making quality stuff.  And I also found him inspirational. Not one quote in site!

My point is, lets all inspire each other naturally by FOLLOWING each others lives. Not PREACHING solutions! We have the ability to create our communication platforms,  tv shows. We have access to amazing technology but most of us are not using it to it’s full potential yet.

Rant over!


2 responses to “FOLLOW LIVES, NOT QUOTES!

  1. This blog’s where its happenning. Keep up the good work.

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