Hi, my name is David.


Thanks for visiting my blog.

I am a scottish based filmmaker. I am currently in post production with my 2nd feature “Mission X”. If you want to know more about me, visit my website page here



I wrote, directed and acted in a small £300,000 movie in the states several years back. A comedy caper set in LA and Las Vegas. I didn’t like the film, mainly because there was too many cooks on board the project, so I never really got what I wanted. It was a small film but it still done well for the producers and financiers, so I got other offers.


I never pushed hard for another film for several reasons. I also wanted to become a better script writer. You can have all the money, stars, marketing, best shoot kit in the world, but if you don’t have good scripts, concepts, you have nothing. I didn’t want to add to the mass of crap films out there. I was prepared to study and wait.


I also wanted to learn more about the business side of things, so I could earn from my own work. Digital technology in production has been here for several years, but distribution was always the problem. We still have a way to go until it’s a seamless path from “creation to consumer”, but the infrastructure is good enough for filmmakers to get their work direct to consumers. So I recently started to move again.

The whole point of doing micro budget features is to show your potential, which in turn can attract budgets. But you also need some revenue from your films, so that you can continue to operate.  I found it really surreal to agree to hand over all the rights, and revenue returns from my first film to producers and distributors. Especially after I done most of the work. Until recently, filmmakers didn’t have many options if you wanted your film made and distributed.


I never wanted to make any more films until I could also sell and control my work too. I have recently started to move again because the internet has made this possible in many ways. Filmmakers don’t have any more excuses not to make films. The infrastructure is now there to make, viral market, and self distrubute. I am confident I can prove that indie filmmaking in production and distribution can work. This blog will chart my whole journey


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