My objective is to use the profits from this current movie, mixed with sponsors, and private sources to help finance other projects. It would be almost impossible to do that a few years ago. Digital production, dvd, web downloads, social networking, viral video sharing has changed all that. With hard work, good projects, the potential is limitless.



Digital production meant that filmmakers have been able to make inexpensive movies for the last few years. These movies were mainly used as calling cards to the industry, because filmmakers could not distrubute them cheaply.  The infrastructure is now in place for filmmakers to get their work direct to potential fans. This means that we can also profit from our work, retain rights, and in turn, potentially self fund future indie projects.

Many successful genre movies like the “SAW” franchise were kick started with as little as $1m. The franchise has went on to make hundreds of millions. “The Blair Witch” was a fraction of that cost.  If a filmmaker could pull in a fraction of that revenue to self fund, you can create your own small studio outfit. That’s what I intend to do over the next few years. I am confident I can do it. Watch me succeed or fall on my ass! Whatever happens, it will be fun!


The more multi skilled, talented you are as a filmmaker, the more you can control your own future. If you can write, direct, produce, market, and deliver quality content, then there’s no reason why filmmakers can’t build a global fanbase and bring back a lot of revenue to fund their own projects.

The more you just want to be an “artist”, and you don’t want to know about “business”, or technology, the more you will be a slave to others, or you will always be in “development”. Life is too short to wait for permission from the industry. The technology means we don’t have to be slaves anymore. It’s a no brainer!


If you are interested in my work, or in the film biz in general, you can watch how I pull this off or fail over time. Although you never fail if you try in life. I don’t live by societys definition of success. It won’t be an overnight thing, but I have plenty of patience if it leads to creating my own little studio one day.

I also want to use this blog as a source to attract potential fans, collaborators, brands, kindreds, and financiers for future projects. I want to make movies that people really want to see, so I also want to have an interactive aspect to the company I build.

In future I will post pitches, trailers, and get people to vote on what they would like to see etc. I also intend to do a global screening of my next movie via mobile “drive in” screenings. A website will be built for all this later in the year.


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